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Nurturing your seeds of innovation and considering your needs and goals, our network of experienced and discerning professionals employs a philosophy of thinking together and developing together, to provide the support and advice to turn your dreams into a new business enterprise.
Company information
Company name: eTEC Marketing Inc.
Board of Directors: Executive Director Dr. Yoshiharu Horita
Address: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center(6th floor)
1-7-8 Kaigan, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0022, Japan
Established: 1 October 2009
Business operations: Comprehensive consulting services for commercializing innovative technologies and expanding business operations
Phone: +81 (0)3.6809.2363
Fax: +81 (0)3.6809.2365
Message from the President
We deliver a comprehensive package for commercializing new and innovative green technologies:

Thinking together and working with you in partnership, our network of experienced and discerning professionals can provide you the necessary support and advice through the following stages to develop your seeds of innovation into a promising business enterprise:
1. Market environment: In depth market research, analysis and evaluation, in order to best match your innovation with market needs
2. Strategic positioning: Scenario analysis and drawing up a road-map for commercialization
3. Commercialization: Developing a framework for product commercialization
4. Production: Designing an efficient and flexible supply chain for production
5. Expansion: Building a marketing strategy and creating a "value-chain"
6. Financing: Hands on support in appraising the value of the technology and the scale of the market opportunity in order to secure investment capital
7. Incidental to the items listed above we also offer advice, support and experience on technological development, intellectual property management, international cooperation and expansion, financing, M&A initiatives, provision of human resources and general business management.
We provide support and incubation services primarily to new ventures and spin-out companies with emerging technologies and products. Our specialty is in supporting the expansion of operations in the Asian region as well as the development of stable business foundations, by means of intensive marketing efforts focused on the Asian markets.

The "e" in eTEC relates to "green-energy, -electronics, environment and ecology " on which the sustainable society of tomorrow will be built.

Based on an open and productive relationship with all our clients, we aim to be a unique and genuinely useful "do-tank" (a "think tank" that does more than just thinking). We look forward to working together with you over many fruitful years.
2010 February
Dr. Yoshiharu Horita, CEO of eTEC Marketing Inc.
What stage of commercialization have you achieved in your business so far?
What challenges are you currently facing?
We provide the support and advice necessary to take your enterprise from its current position to realize your ambition of business development and expansion.
Employing our proprietary management systems and promotional tools to develop your business, we provide technical support down to the finest detail at every stage.
Commensurate supports for the commercialization phase, and aligned the following promotional tools.
In order to best align our support with the stage of your business' commercialization, we employ the following types of promotional tool:
  • "Seeds & Needs" marketing system
  • R&D management system
  • Business strategy systems
  • Supply chain construction system
  • Value chain development system
  • Brand enhancement system
In addition, to further develop each phase of the project we employ the following tools:
  • Intellectual Property management system
  • Comprehensive management support system
Finally, we employ the following systems to meet the requirements of potential investors and the broader financial community:
  • Investment evaluation workflow
  • "Hands on" new business planning systems
Utilizing the above tools we can develop your dreams into reality together.
eTEC Marketing offers our clients access to a deep and broad network of business developers and senior management contacts, with experience specifically in supporting technology developers and nurturing business ventures.

Our network will empower your business throughout its development and progress, from hatching the seeds of your innovation, through the financial coordination to commercialize your product, and the intensive marketing strategy to exploit the full potential of the Chinese and Asian markets.

Utilizing these networks and our management systems we provide a one stop shop to support our clients.
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